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CORE is run at arm’s length from financial supporters and all content is created by the expert Steering Committee and PCM Scientific, the education company acting as Secretariat. CORE is currently funded by an educational grant from Novartis. Funding from other organisations is being sought.

The content of the meetings, training and the educational materials are for information purposes only. The views and treatment recommendations expressed in them reflect the opinions and experience of the Steering Committee and the National Faculties, which may differ from product labels and prescribing information. The publisher and its servants are not responsible or in any way liable for the currency of the information, for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies, or for any consequences arising from them. The educational materials must not be used as a basis for clinical decisions. Reference should be made at all times to the license holder’s product information and to relevant clinical guidelines before prescribing any medications. If the product information and other clinical resources do not provide sufficient information, these educational materials should not be used as a substitute. Neither PCM Scientific nor the Steering Committee nor Novartis are responsible for any adverse drug interaction that may occur in clinical practice where prescribing has been undertaken based on reference to these educational materials.